Welcome to the original Noromosis Homepage. What's Noromosis you ask? Noromosis is a disease that affects close-minded X-Philes, causing insanity, due to the manipulation of the brain. Victims are dillusional, and offer lame explanations for their conditions. They individuals call themselves 'Noromos.'

Symptoms to Watch For:
  1. Dislikement of 'shippy' or romantic scenes
  2. Constant 'booing' during tender moments and GTMs
  3. Constant denial of Mulder and Scully's love for each other, through lame explanations supporting no exceptable evidence
  4. Rudeness towards 'Shippers and Romantics

Experiemental Cures and Treatments
  1. Make noromo watch 'Pusher' or other shippy episodes/scenes over and over.
  2. Say and make them repeat shippy quotes
  3. Dispute all lame evidence to the contrary of Mulder and Scully's love
  4. Remind them why Mulder and Scully are in love and how you can tell
  5. Force them to drink alot of ice tea, and ABSOLUTELY NO Rootbeer
  6. Feed them meals of BBQ Ribs and Snowglobes
  7. Have constance shippy pictures up as reminders
  8. Tell them of David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson/Chris Carter's thoughts on when there should be romance -- With CC's only the acceptible ones, of course (aka '...that's what the movies are for...')
  9. Read to them or make them read shippy/romantic fanfic (My suggestion: At least at first, don't go to some of the NC-17 or R 'fic, because then they can say 'sex isn't love...')

Referrals and Hospitalizations
Seek online treatment
Hospitals Available:
  1. The X-Files Institution of Relationshippers
  2. The Insane Asylum for X-Philes
  3. The Romantic Fanfic Archive
  4. The Mulder/Scully Romance Brigade (mine)
  5. Other Shippy Sites - Soon to come; right now I can't get my uploader to work

If you would like to participate in the fight against Noromosis, feel free to use either of the banners:

Just be sure to link it back to this page, and please tell me if you do, and I'll link to your page if you want! To do this, just paste this code on your homepage:

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for the second image, just change 'noroban.gif' to 'shipper.gif'.

Thank you for coming!
Remember: Only love will rule, and only the Shippers will conquer!

LinKo LinKoX-Philes have been here since Feb.1, 1998

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This page was created by Jamie Ruby through The X-Cellent X-Files X-Perience

NOTICE: No harm or discrimination was intended to Noromos through this page. It is only for fun.

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